Hugo Chávez Unveils $15 Penis Phone

Hugo Chávez, super socialist that he is, had a dream to make cellular phones that cost about $15 and it has come to pass thanks to a to a company that's 85% owned by the Venezuela. He took the Venezuela's government TV station on Mother's Day to personally unveil the phone with a call to his mother. The name of the economical phone with internet access, a camera, MP3 player and FM radio is the Vergatario.

Problem is "verga" is common slang for penis, while Vergatario is supposed to connote "excellence." So, as The Awl puts it, it translates loosely to "first-class cock."

So, uh, yeah Hugo Chávez called his mother for Mother's Day on his $15 splendid penis phone.

[Guardian: Chavez launches $15 mobile phone with a name to make his mother blush]


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