How Miamians React When It Gets Cold

How Miamians React When It Gets Cold
Photo by Bill Cooke

Despite popular misconception, it does occasionally get certifiably cold in Miami. Sure, not freezing, or even snow-producing, but it gets cold.

This, of course, happens rarely, even in wintertime, so when a cold front does hit, Miamians tend to lose their damn minds. Here are a few things that happen every time.

The Odd Habit of Complaining About It Being Cold in Miami and Then Apologizing for It on Social Media

Of course, Miamians like to complain on Twitter about how cold it is, but they know their northern friends will snap at them instantly, so they apologize ahead of time.

The Elusive Fur Vest Suddenly Appears in Droves

Despite it being a particularly impractical fashion choice, there are still some Miamians who decide their wardrobe needs dead animals. But a full-on fur coat is still overkill even during Miami's coldest snaps, so they settle for the strange sartorial compromise of the fur vest.

And whenever it drops into the 60s, those fur vests come out in droves. Hey, everyone, look at me! I can afford to wear the pelts of fine rodents despite the fact there's only like ten days out of the year when I can do so, and it's not even a practical way to keep me warm. Yes, bathe in my aura of luxury and refinement!

Every Space Heater at Target Flies Off the Shelves

Hope the one from last year is still in working condition.

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