Hooray? Miami Named Seventh Sweatiest City of All Time

It's summer in Miami, and you're either wet because of the rain or because the humidity and heat have conspired to drench you in sweat. Which means right now deodorant is your best friend. Well, Old Spice has gone ahead and named the top 20 "Sweatiest Cities of All Time" in America, and Miami ranks seventh. That makes us the sweatiest city in Florida (West Palm Beach, Tampa, and Orlando rounded out the top ten). 

Old Spice based its rankings on computer simulations of the amount of sweat an average person would drip after walking an hour during the average summer temperature. 

Phoenix, San Antonio, and Las Vegas take the top three spots. We have to wonder if Old Spice worked humidity into its fancy computer program. Anyway, people from Vegas will brag about their "dry heat," but everyone in Miami knows that during certain days here, the air is almost steam. 


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