Hillary Clinton Would Be Prez

Remember earlier in the year when, thanks to Florida's screwy election rules, the Democratic presidential primary didn't really count? Well now President-elect Barack Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe, is saying what a lot of people were thinking: If the Florida primary would have been an actual primary, Hillary Clinton would probably be president-elect right now — or maybe the losing candidate, but certainly not just stuck with some dumb consolation prize at Foggy Bottom.

Obama gained a lot of momentum thanks to his South Carolina victory, but would have almost certainly lost Florida three days later even if it were a real race, Plouffe says.

Of course Florida did count, if only half, on the Republican side, and John McCain's victory here propelled him to front-runner status to decide who would lose to either Obama or Clinton in November.


Hillary Clinton

So, when Hillary uses her power as secretary of state to sell us to Cuba, don't be surprised.


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