Hey, McClatchy, We Found You a Buyer

Hey, McClatchy, We Found You a Buyer

When we gave Eye on Miami our highly coveted "Best Of" award for blogging, we noted, "Eye on Miami is smart, witty, and informative -- almost like daily newspapers used to be." How wonderful now that one of Eye's bloggers, Genius of Despair, has started a bid to buy the Miami Herald with a new blog called, appropriately, Buy the Miami Herald

Despairy (we're going to call you that from now on, by the way) seems to have the plan thought through, but is missing one major factor: $$$. Despairy's budget-cutting ideas involve only running the paper out of its house, a quality copy machine, and presumably a renowned commitment to quality journalism. Plus all the reporters would get to keep their jobs, yay! 

We'd fully support this idea, but we're not sure we want the competition. Better than Limbaugh, though.

-- Kyle Munzenrieder

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