Here's a Map Showing Where People Jog in Miami

Ever wonder what paths are the most popular for jogging in Miami? At Flowing Data, statistician-pulled data from run tracking app RunKeeper was used to map out the most highly jogged roads in the City of Miami (and a handful of other cities, too). Here are the results.

Here's a Map Showing Where People Jog in Miami

As you can see, the Biscayne Corridor is by far and away the most popular route for jogging in the city. Though, running through Key Biscayne is also a trendy option. Interestingly, a lot of insane people also like to jog on the MacArthur Causeway. Y'all actually do that?

Jogging, however, seems to dramatically drop off in northern Edgewater, and doesn't extend much into the northern or northwest parts of the city.

Coral Gables also sees a lot of traffic on the perimeter of the University of Miami and the Granada Golf Course.

Sadly, though, the map does not include Miami Beach.

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