Here's A List of All 3,301 Miami-Dade Employees Who Make Six Figures

At last glance, more than one in ten Miamians are unemployed and a solid chunk of the rest are proud pledging members of Broke Phi Broke. That's why County Mayor Carlos Alvarez is in serious danger of getting recalled -- and the rest of the County Commission shouldn't be feeling too comfortable either.

This won't help: Blogger Bill Cooke of Random Pixels just forwarded us a list of every County employee who topped six figures in salary during the last fiscal year. There's 3,301 names on this badboy -- more than ten percent of the whole county workforce. Click through for the whole search-able document.

Unsurprisingly, Miami Dade cops and firefighters top the list in quantity: Around 850 employees in the police force topped $100,000, while fire and rescue has about 600 six-figure earners.

The highest paid folks are the attorneys in County Hall, topped by Robert Cuevas Jr's $358,856 in pay, while County Manager George Burgess is the top dog overall, with $422,118.22 in compensation, including $92,943 in executive benefits.

Alvarez, the target of billionaire Norman Braman's recall, earned $315,462.39, with $80,258.87 in executive benefits.

And, as starving journalists, we have to give a special shout-out to Matt Pinzur, the one-time Miami Herald scribe who jumped ship to work for Burgess and now makes $119,488.50. Well played!

Here's the full list (which, we should note, we haven't officially confirmed to be accurate with the County -- but which certainly looks legit):



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