Happy Meaningless Federal Holiday!
by Maria Sputnik

Happy Meaningless Federal Holiday!

Today is the day we set aside every year to remember our presidents and what great men they surely must have been buy Egyptian cotton sheets at the department store's two-for-one sale. Yes, it is Presidents' Day. At first, I thought about putting together some sort of fun list of interesting presidential visits to Miami or something, but alas, that is totally boring. So instead, I'll just link to something funny I saw once about the presidents.

So here is Maria Sputnik's comic "Forty-Four Presidents and a Letter to a Cat." You can view it on the LiveJournal or directly on flickr. Did you know Warren G. Harding tried himself for manslaughter of a squirrel in the courtroom of his own imagination? Now you do. Happy Presidents' Day one and all!


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