Halloween costumes based on Miami's spookiest celebrities

Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

Between the state of the condo market, parking on South Beach, and the final price tag for the new Marlins stadium, Miamians have suffered through plenty of real-life horrors. So for Halloween parties this year, Riptide will put away the Freddy mask and show up in a homemade costume inspired by the Magic City. Here's how to dress up as your favorite Miamian:

Fighter Kimbo Slice: Shave the top of your head. Attach a fake beard. Lie flat on your back for the duration of the party. (Gallon of fake blood optional.)

Producer Scott Storch: Every Miamian has the Tony Montana costume on annual standby. You know, a bathrobe, a bit of flour rubbed around the nostrils, and a toy machine gun. Here's the new classic: Everything else remains the same, but replace the gun with a piece of paper reading, in bright red print, "Eviction."


Halloween costumes

Dwyane Wade: Wear a Chicago Bulls jersey while holding a 2010 calendar.

Gov. Charlie Crist: It doesn't really matter what you wear: When you get to the party, find the nearest closet and hide in it. For the next 40 years.

Jennifer Lopez: Stuff newspaper down the back of your pants. Keep stuffing. Go on. Just a bit more for the left cheek — there you go. OK, now get in a nightclub shooting with your marginally talented rapper boyfriend and never be heard from again.

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