GOP Govs Stuck At a Fork in the Road

Two main camps of thought are emerging at the Republican Governor's Conference as to what the Party's most pressing concern is. On one side you've got this "We've lost our way, and our credibility on fiscal conservative policy thanks to Bush and his $11.3 trillion dollars debt and his record $438 billion deficit." Then the other is "Well, we can't compete on the internet and we're loosing all the Hispanics and young people. We'll never be President of MySpace Latino!"

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is in the first camp, while you have more strategic type people like tricky pollster Frank Luntz on the other. Charlie Crist is tending towards more the diversity and moderation camp saying the party needs to reach out to minorities, and as for Palin. God only knows. Her answer to everything lately seems to be *wink*Palin 2012*wink*.

--Kyle Munzenrieder

[Sources: AFP, NPR, NYT]


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