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Get Your Pic With Obama For Only $15k!

John McCain's campaign must be loving his post-convention polling bump, but Barack Obama's campaign shouldn't be stressing out. Most analysts predict the surge in McCain's numbers may disappear as early as this week. Plus, running a bit behind makes the campaign's pitch to potential donors all the more urgent: "Hurry up! Give us all your money! We're losing!"

Good thing Obama has a mega-fundraiser scheduled at the Biltmore Hotel at the end of next week. Apparently, organizers are predicting it may be the biggest political fundraiser in Florida history.

$1,000 gets you in the door. $3,000 gets your "preferred" admission. And $15,000 gets you a picture with the candidate. Pricey, pricey.

The event is scheduled for next Friday, September 13th. You can RSVP at the official website if you have $15k in your pocket and a place on your picture wall yearning for a shot of you and a potential president. If all your bank account has is a little bit of change (not even the type you can believe in, har har), it's likely Obama will make a few other stops around town that day.

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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