Genting's SuperFast Cruise to Bimini Is a Breeze


And what was the motive?: Terrence McCoy's September 12 article about the woman wrongly sentenced to death, "Set Her Free," was incredible (and well written). Nicely done. One thing I don't get (and maybe I missed it as I was watching Jose Fernandez pitch his final game of the season while reading this), was that if Steven Heidle was the shooter, did he have any motive? Or was he just a violent and sadistic jerk? FatHand

How about this case?: And yet the smell of a dead body in the trunk of a pathological mother whose missing daughter was later found dead was too circumstantial. Oh, yeah, Florida. Betty Perez


Letters to the Editor

Jiminy! Let's Go to Bimini!

This little piggy is patient: I used to work at the Port of Miami for a major cruise line, so when there was a delay on my first trip aboard Genting's Bimini Super­Fast ("An Eight-Hour Tour, Jose Duran, September 12), I didn't get upset at all. From my experience, delays come with the process of getting people on board, no matter what ship it is. The delay at departure didn't dampen my enjoyment of the ride. I love the SuperFast. It is beautifully decked out, and the stewards were gracious and helpful. The food was good. (I opted to dine in the Ponce de Leon.) Still, the prices were very affordable, and it was a nice change of pace from my usual visits to land-based casinos. stinkyfoote

This one is relaxed: I liked your review of the SuperFast. I was thinking about booking a night cruise. Thanks for reminding me the night cruise is full of 20-somethings. They're entitled to a good time. My friend and I took a getaway cruise. We're both retired and have no deadlines to meet. We had a good time on board, and once we were in Bimini, we spent two days touring Alice Town and relaxing on the beach. The casino is amazing too. I had a little luck at roulette. We had fun at the kind of relaxed pace we like at our age. Jessie W.

This one is disappointed: This shit is whack. Huge waiting time to get on the boat, and it took three hours to get off the ship. Residents don't like the cruises since they only bring business for a few. Bimini was way better before they turned it into a cheap vacation location. Luis C. Sosa

This one is a gambler: Well, I didn't take the night cruise, which seems adapted for youngsters. Staying up all night is no longer my idea of fun. The day cruise was spectacular. For those of you who need a cruise-ship fix every so often, this is your ticket. For under $100, you can get the same thrill you might in a ten-day cruise all in one day. This is a perfect excursion to amplify any out-of-towner's trip to Miami because you can squeeze in an actual visit to a foreign country during your domestic vacation. I would fully recommend it to anyone who seeks fun on a budget and enjoys gambling. Rod Kuntzman

This one travels: What a tremendous ride. My wife and I can't believe you could get so much value for so little money. You cross the Gulf Stream effortlessly, and before you know it, you are in an exotic country with warm Caribbean breezes and crystal-blue waters. It was a shame to have to leave, but that's what this cruise is about: It's fast. The casino experience is first-rate, and the food is good. We will go again. Milton Bershefsky

This one is skeptical: Before Genting sends its trolls over to praise how awesome this cruise is, check out the company's Yelp page. They've been on the defensive — flagging negative posts — and have a few clearly fake reviews (that have also been flagged). Harry the Handyman

This one will return: I went and had a great time for my anniversary. I had no problems with customs or anything else. Bimini was much larger than I thought it would be, but it's easy to get around. I hired a car with a driver for only $20 for the entire day. We drove around the island and stopped at all of the best beaches. I'll be back. jjjohn2920

And this one won't: This cruise is a weak attempt at a party boat. If this is what Genting thinks Miami wants and needs, we are better off without its casino. Good idea, bad execution, and a mediocre experience at best. lickwidspace


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