Alex Bogusky
Alex Bogusky

Gawker Takes Down Alex Bogusky

Being the subject of a Gawker field guide is a mixed blessing. It's like being hate-fucked by the internet. On one hand, it ups your name recognition stock in media circles; on the other, it means there's a whole lot of snark, derision, and mockery coming your way from a blog that reaches about 3.2 million people a month. 

Former field guide subjects include Julia Allison, Keri "Hipster Grifter" Ferrell, and Tucker Max (if you haven't heard of these people you probably avoid a certain segment of the internet, and we envy you). Today they take on Cripsin Porter + Bogusky chairman Alex Bogusky, in a round-up of every potentially loathsome little detail of the man who runs the "quirky" ad empire from, um, a "raised platform" in the company's Coconut Grove office.  

The main thesis: "Bogusky is the epitome of that guy. He is not afraid to grow his hair long and wear a cool t-shirt and fashionable sneakers while sexing up your brand strategy!"

Gawker snark campaigns aren't nearly as fun as they were a few years ago, but then again, we don't envy all the mocking that's about to head Alex Bogusky's way. 


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