Forty Years Later, the Undefeated Miami Dolphins Visit the White House

The 1972 Miami Dolphins finally got to see the White House this week, forty years after their undefeated season. President Barack Obama welcomed the players and staff into his home yesterday, making up for the invite that never happened back in 1972, a time when sports teams didn't automatically make a trip to DC after a championship, and even if they did, Richard Nixon was a tad tied up with that Watergate thing.

Some of the best moments at this week's belated celebration came when legendary coach Don Shula poked a little fun at the the 1985 Bears, at the expense of a noted Chicago Bears fan, the President himself.

Shula made sure to remind Obama it was his Dolphins that beat those 15-1 Chicago Bears, saying he hopes the President can find a good place to hang the jersey the team presented him to remind them of the "whooping" they took.

Bob Kuechenberg, Jim Langer and Manny Fernandez made news prior to the trip, when they let it be knows they would skip it.

The majority of the team was still there however, and seemed to really enjoy the belated honor. Enjoy it, Fins fans: This may yet be the highlight of the year in teal and orange.

Forty Years Later, the Undefeated Miami Dolphins Visit the White House

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