Florida's DUI Offenders Could Face Daily Breath Tests

Florida's DUI Offenders Could Face Daily Breath Tests
Photo: one Lindsay Lohan had on for a while? Yeah, like that.

Under the proposal, adopted by a House committee last week, judges would be able to order DUI offenders into the 24/7 sobriety programs instead of installing interlock devices.

According to the New Service of Florida, supporters say that 24/7 sobriety programs have shown greater effectiveness not only in reducing drunk driving, but other types of booze-fueled crime too like domestic violence.

Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles would like to see about half of DUI offenders placed in the sobriety programs and the other half relying on interlock devices for a period of five years to see which is better.

The FDHSMV however opposes sentencing first-time offenders to either program and claims that most first-time offenders do not repeat. However, the bill as written now could still apply to first-time offenders.

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