Florida Transportation Secretary Asked to Resign Because She Likes Blackberry Pancakes, or Something

Stephanie Kopelousos, Florida Department of Transportation Secretary, seems to like her breakfast food. So much so that in order to get her attention you have to put something like "Pancakes" or "Waffles" in email headlines. Or so says her staff.

The Palm Beach Post infers that those wholesome hearty breakfast staples were actually being used as tools in a hilariously stupid political deception. 

Sen. Paula Dockery asked for a public records request for any emails Kopelousos recieved or sent in the past eight months with the words "rail," "SunRail" or "CSX."

They said they had none, which seemed weird considering she is in charge of the Department of Transportation. 

Seems that all the emails sent about those matters were sent under those breakfast codewords.

Assistant Secretary for Engineering and Operations Kevin Thibault says her staff only used those catchy headlines because Kopelousos gets so many emails on her blackberry each day that she only responds to subjects about food. Which would suggest that she has the mentality of a hungry five year-old who just woke up on a Saturday morning. 

CFO and Democratic Governor Candidate Alex Sink in the meantime has called for Kopelousos to resign if these horribly stupid claims are true. 


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