Florida Prostitute Accidentally Texted a Police Officer Believing He Was a Client

Usually texting the wrong number ends up in a bit of embarrassment, but Schquita Alaysha Warren texted the wrong number and ended up behind bars. That's because she thought she was texting a potential John but instead had the number for a police investigator.

According to the Pensacola News Journal, an Escambia County Sheriff's investigator got an odd text on his cell phone from Warren. The 27-year-old woman apparently thought that the number belonged to a man named Sam and tried to set up a paid sexual rendezvous. Warren texted inquiring whether "Sam" wanted "have fun."

The investigator decided to play along and posed as Sam. He arranged to meet Warren at a local motel, but when she showed up she wasn't meet with money but handcuffs.

She ended up being charged with prostitution, but has since posted her $1,000 bond.

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