James Seehaus
James Seehaus
via Palm Bay Police

Florida Man Robbed 7-Eleven Because His Girlfriend Wouldn't Have Sex With Him

There are a lot of reasons why you might tote your BB gun to the neighborhood 7-Eleven and demand all the cash in the drawer -- financial desperation, serious drunkenness, Big Gulp hatred. Though none of those is a good excuse per se, they're certainly better than James Seehaus's reasoning.

The 25-year-old told police in Brevard County that he knocked over the convenience store because he was furious at his fiancée for refusing to have sex.

Seehaus's trouble started last month, WJXT reports, when he wrapped his BB gun in white cloth to make it look more threatening and strolled into a 7-Eleven in Palm Bay.

He walked out with all the cash in the register, but didn't make it far. A local cop spotted him in a parking lot a half-mile away and found a BB gun in the back seat and a wad of money in his wallet.

Seehaus quickly confessed, the station reports, and offered up a novel motive: The combination of anger at his fiancée for turning down his advances and the need to buy car insurance led him to rob the store.

He's charged with armed robbery and theft.

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