Florida Man Arrested for Punching Dad During Argument Over Kool-Aid

Humans can find a reason to fight over just about anything, even something as basic as the proper method of preparing a batch of Kool-Aid.

Brandon Antron Crosley, a 22-year-old man in Cocoa, Florida, was arrested last week on felony charges over just such an argument with his father.

According to the Smoking Gun, Crosley was preparing a batch of the fruity drink when Greg Crosley, his 48-year-old father, decided his son was doing it wrong and wanted to offer his own Kool-Aid-making tips. An argument ensued. Then it turned physical. The younger Crosley punched his father two or three times in the head.

The elder Crosley is disabled and needs a cane to get around. He called police, and his son fled to a neighbor's house.

Eventually police found Brandon Crosley and arrested him on felony charges of domestic violence.

Of course, we're still wondering exactly where each Crosley stands on proper Kool-Aid preparation. As far as we know, there's only one school of Kool-Aid thought: Kool-Aid mix + water + stirring = finished Kool-Aid beverage. But, like we said, it's amazing the kind of things people can find to argue over.

Sadly, this did not seem like an "Oh yeah!" situation.


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