Florida City High School Student Arrested with Semi-Automatic in Class

Since last week, when a Coral Gables Senior High student fatally stabbed a classmate, cops have found at least eight weapons on Miami-Dade students. Apparently, its not uncommon for more kids to come to classes armed after an incident of school violence. Maybe it's peer pressure. Maybe it's some notion of self-defense.

Either way, add Miami Douglas Macarthur South High student Barrian Moore to the list. At 7:45 this morning, Miami-Dade detectives came to the school to arrest the 17-year-old on an outstanding warrant. The charges for that warrant haven't been revealed because he was prosecuted as a juvenile.

The school's security chief yanked Moore from class, and when the cops arrested him they found a bag of weed and a semi-automatic handgun on person. If you're curious, it was a .25 mm Raven, silver in color with a brown grip. Raven is a manufacturer of cheap guns that have a tendency to show up at crime scenes.

Moore told the cops that the "gun was his and he bought it from someone in the streets", according to a police report. He added that he "tested it when he bought it."

A look at the Florida City kid's MySpace page -- he goes by "B-Moe", probably because the name Barrian doesn't exactly drip with cool -- yields no surprises. One photo shows him with a wad of dollars in his mouth. The next shows him biting a pair of new white sneakers. Alas, none depict him chomping into a textbook. 


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