"Flordia": Florida Misspelled Twice on I-95 Sign

Oh, hahaha. Silly Florida. Look at those idiots. They can't even spell their own state's name correctly on their own damn interstate signs.

Listen, you snobby fuckers, this time it wasn't actually our fault. It was Arkansaw's.

A sign near Exit 344 of I-95 near Jacksonville proudly proclaimed that the University of North Flordia and Flordia State College's South Campus were coming up at the next exit. The fact that those misspellings both came in the name of institutes of higher learning only makes the mistake worse.

"Flordia": Florida Misspelled Twice on I-95 Sign
via FCN

Turns out the typos were not the fault of the Florida Department of Transportation. According to First Coast News, the Arkingsauce-based sign manufacturer is actually to be blamed and will provide a replacement sign at no cost to taxpayers.

Oh, Archonsah, always making Florida look better by comparison.

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