Flava Works Loses a Young V.P.

Flava Works, the company behind the notorious CocoDorm, a live-action gay porn site featuring black and Latin men in North Miami, has been shaken by internal tragedy this month. The company’s home page has become a memorial after the death of its vice-president in his early 30s.

“With a heavy heart and great grief, I am reporting the death of our Vice-President Dekenric Wiley aka Devin, today July 14, 2007, from pneumonia,” it reads.

Friends and shocked mourners overwhelmed a site erected for Wiley with seven pages worth of comments about his death and memories. On July 16, one poster, Breion Diamond wrote: “i cant stop crying. I thought he was gonna be fine. …it’s just fucked up.”

A comment posted Wednesday by Suthun Music Entertainment lamented the loss to the industry and the Flava Works family: “I've Heard Many Great Stories about a talented, strong minded, possitive mentalilized black man! who kept his head up through thick and then to show his love for the business he ran.. We Know That You're In a Better Place you will continue to look down on the company and its associates!”

The company is holding a private memorial for Wiley tonight with a sunset Miami Beach cruise and asks that attendees dress in white. Cards, flowers and special thoughts can be sent to the company at: 2610 North Miami Ave., Miami FL 33127. --Janine Zeitlin


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