FDA Cracking Down On Another of Jose Canseco's Favorite Substances

We've spent so much time following the sad saga of A-Rod, that we've forgotten to check in with Miami's even more disgraced baseball star -- Jose Canseco! 

Last year a Sunrise-based company, Smoking Everywhere, enlisted the former slugger to tout its e-cigarette. Using a computer chip, a steel tube emits a puff of nicotine-enhanced vapor into the user's hungry, hungry lungs without any smoke. All the fun of highly addictive nicotine without any of the cancer brought about by cig additives! 

Now the FDA is looking into the e-cigs and may consider them "new drugs," meaning that they nwill likely eed FDA approval and all sales will have to be halted. 

With e-cigarettes coming under pressure, I guess this means my idea for iPot is a no go. 


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