Fat Like Me

Shock jock Enrique Sanchez isn't exactly known for his social sensitivity. He has made fun of everything from domestic abuse to racial tension — but he swears he's serious about one thing: obesity. The blunt, pudgy 34-year-old cohost of the Enrique y Joe radio show just started lobbying for city legislation to protect overweight people from discrimination. (He calls it prejudice "based on size.")

Why is Mr. Poop Jokes, whose show airs mornings on La Kalle 98.3 FM, getting politically correct on us all of a sudden? Allow him to explain. According to Sanchez, he and a muscular buddy signed up for 24 Hour Fitness Shaq Sport Club in Coconut Grove three months ago. Gym manager Brandon Robben then accused the DJ of using his friend as a personal trainer, which is against company policy. Sanchez claims the staffer gestured toward him and said, "It's obvious there is personal training going on here... look at you." Then he pointed toward Sanchez's in-shape pal and said, "And look at him."

That was all. Sanchez wasn't denied a membership. Nor did the gym skimp on services available to him. (Where are the Hurt Feelings Police when you need them?)


La Kalle

Manager Robben contends the DJ is lying about the interaction: "Everybody who works out here knows we welcome people of all shapes."

But Sanchez — who recently organized a protest outside the gym — is now working with Miami city commissioners to "add vocabulary" to an existing discrimination ordinance. Sure, the DJ has a reputation for being crass. "But there's a time and a place for everything," he says.

"Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger," he adds, comparing himself to the politician. "He used to be in action movies, but you don't see him shooting people as governor."


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