English Tabloid: Beckham Wants to Bring Cristiano Ronaldo to Miami Team

File this under: "It comes from a British tabloid, but it almost makes sense."

UK newspaper The Sun reports that David Beckham is hoping to bring the world's highest-paid soccer player, Cristiano Renaldo, to his MLS team in Miami.

"Becks understands the need for a big, big name in the team when it gets going," an MLS source told the tabloid. "And none come bigger than Ronaldo -- the world's greatest player."

Ronaldo makes about €21 million per year playing for Real Madrid, and reportedly his buyout clause is a gigantic €1 billion. Ronaldo's contract with the Spanish team runs through 2018. Beckham's Miami MLS team would likely start playing in 2016 or 2017.

"It's not a secret he has thought about finishing his career here, about living here -- so a deal like this could be perfect for him," says the source. "It is a long way off yet -- we're talking 2017 -- but it clearly demonstrates the ambition of the Beckham franchise."

We have no doubt Beckham will try to sign some top-rate international talent under the MLS, ahem, "Beckham rule," but Ronaldo may be wishful thinking. Then again, perhaps like Beckham he wouldn't mind making a late-career detour to America. But until 2018 comes around that's all hypothetical.

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