Elizabeth Hasselbeck Dumbs Down the Florida Electorate

Lordy, The View's Republidrone Elizabeth Hasselbeck came to our great state, Tampa to be exact, and brought her special brand of annoying, self-righteous conservationism along to introduce Sarah Palin. Most of her speech was blah-blah rhetoric and so-called sassiness (she can't help it, she faux-adorably swears). There were some standouts, though -- such as when she said Barack Obama pays his female staffers less than his male staffers, but feminist blog Jezebel has already proven that's a distortion of the facts. Then she said Sarah Plain helps women by fighting against laws that help abort our "unborn daughter." I am not opening another can of worms on abortion, but you know -- ughhhhh.

Then Hasselbeck called the media reaction to Palin's $150,000 wardrobe "blatantly sexist." Really? Was it sexist when the media had a fit over John Edward's $400 haircut (or Bill Clinton's runway trim)? No, it's not sexist. It's not an interesting story because she's a woman; it's an interesting story because she goes around saying she's one of "us", a regular joe six-pack or hockey mom. Yeah, but what's the difference between a hockey mom and Sarah Palin? A wardrobe worth more than most American families make in a year. It's just a dumb political move on the RNC's part. Jeez, Hillary wouldn't even wear Donna Karan on the campaign trail. Don't they sell that at Macy's? Meanwhile, Palin is sporting Neiman Marcus-approved threads.

Only in America would people gather to listen to the political insight of a former Survivor competitor -- who didn't even outwit, outplay, outlast. (Though, then again we did have Jason Bourne down here supporting Obama.)

--Kyle Munzenrieder


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