Electric Cigarette Explosion Blows Out Florida Man's Teeth and Tongue

The corrosive work of cigarettes is supposed to be a slow thing, quietly eating away at your lungs as you puff away. Though, electric cigarettes are a whole other story. A Florida man is recovering after an e-cigarette exploded in his mouth and knocked out his front teeth and took a chunk of his tongue with them. 

According to the AP, the battery of the e-cigarette exploded while the unidentified Pensacola man was puffing away. The man was trying to use the e-cigarette to help him stop smoking.

A local fireman says it was like a bottle rocket exploding in the man's mouth. The explosions not only burned the man's face, but knocked out a few of his front teeth and a chunk of his tongue. 

That wasn't the only damage. According to the Destin Log, the man was in his home office at the time, and the explosion also triggered a fire. The damage of the fire was valued at about $200. 

The Daily Mail identifies the man as 57-year-old Tom Holloway. 

He's now recovering in the burn unit of a hospital in Mobile, Alabama.  

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