Eight Moments That Shaped the Miami Dolphins' Improbable Season

Eight Moments That Shaped the Miami Dolphins' Improbable Season
Michele Eve Sandberg

The Miami Dolphins are an NFL playoff team. What is an NFL playoff team, you might ask? It's a team that plays all 16 regular-season games and then plays an additional matchup in a single-elimination tournament that concludes with a game between the final two remaining teams, called the "Super Bowl."

It's been awhile, Miami, but is any of this ringing a bell?

With the Dolphins entering their season finale this Sunday against the New England Patriots with little more than playoff seeding at stake, Dolphins fans can take a moment to look back and reminisce about what has been one of the more incredible Dolphins seasons in recent memory.

When the Dolphins were 1-4, nobody could have predicted they would be 10-5 by Week 17. Here are some of the best moments that happened between then and now. These are the moments that shaped what has been a wacky and improbable 2016 season.

1. Jay Ajayi breaks off a 62-yard touchdown run to seal a 30-15 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
At this moment, the Dolphins were just a cute little 1-4 team that brought its A-game for a week. This win almost made Dolphins fans upset because it showed them a glimpse of what the team is capable of when it plays its best football. It ended up being a sign of things to come.

2. Kenyan Drake's 96-yard kickoff return beats the New York Jets.
With the Dolphins staring down a three-point deficit with five minutes left, everyone was already trying to figure out what the Dolphins could do on offense to regain the lead. Ryan Tannehill would never take the field, though, because Kenyan Drake burst through the Jets' special teams for a huge game-winning kickoff return touchdown.

3. Kiko Alonso picks off Phillip Rivers and returns it 60 yards for the go-ahead fourth-quarter score.
Pick six. Dolphins win. OK, something is seriously going on here. This play got the Dolphins back to .500. This meant the season wasn't over. It meant no more talk of tanking to get a draft pick. It was time to start looking at the standings again.

4. DeVante Parker scores a nine-yard touchdown with 36 seconds left to beat the Los Angeles Rams.
OK, who is this football team, and what have they done with our Miami Dolphins?

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