Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know

Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know
Photo by Marc Averette | CC3.0

Despite the (mostly) beautiful weather and fast-paced lifestyle, Miami can be a rough place to live given the traffic, the parking, and the general South Florida insanity. Of course, those of us who've lived here for a while have compiled tips and tricks that make life just a little easier and more enjoyable.

Now we're passing along those vital Miami life hacks to you.

Did we leave anything off? Give us your suggestions in the comments or email them to us. If we get enough good tips, we'll be sure to share them with the rest of our readers later.

Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know
Photo by Armando/MannyofMiami.com

8. Get free admission to museums

It's not just books you can check out at the library, but museum passes too. Seriously, there are a limited number of passes each week at every branch that provide free admission for a family of four to HistoryMiami, Miami Children's Museum, Miami Science Museum, Pérez Art Museum Miami, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Deering Estate at Cutler, and Fruit & Spice Park. They're available on a first-come, first-served basis and are good for one week after checkout. Just bring your library card.

Several museums also offer free admission to residents certain days. For example, PAMM is currently free the second Saturday of every month and from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. the first Thursday. Admission to the Wolfsonian is free every Friday from 6 to 9 p.m. Check the admission and hours pages on each museum's website to find similar free days.

Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know
Photo: Rob Zand's Flickr | CC2.0

7. Enjoy orchestral performance Wallcasts and movies free at the New World Center

In a lot of cities, experiencing the symphony is a hoity-toity, highbrow affair. In Miami Beach, it's as easy as a picnic. During the fall season, the New World Symphony broadcasts concerts live on the wall of its Frank Gehry-designed building. Throughout the spring, the same state-of-the-art technology is used to screen movies, both recent hits and classic favorites. All showings are free and open to the public. For listings, click MBCulture.com.

Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know
Photo via Coral Gables Now

6. Pay-by-phone parking is totally worth it (and sometimes cheaper for residents)

The only thing worse than having to feed a machine is wrangling with Miami's electronic meters, which seem to work about as often as the Dolphins' draft strategy. Thankfully, several cities in Miami-Dade have instituted pay-by-phone parking that lets you pay for your spot with a call and then lets you renew the spot directly from the app. It's also great when you find an open spot and every meter nearby is busted, a particularly ridiculous problem in the city of Miami.

Miami, South Miami, and Coral Gables all you use the Pay by Phone app. The app will send you a text message a few minutes before your meter expires. There's a service charge associated with the app, but city of Miami residents can get a 20 percent discount on parking while using the app within city limits.

Miami Beach, meanwhile, uses the ParkMobile app (to pay for parking) and the ParkMe app (to find available spots).

Eight Miami Life Hacks Everyone Should Know
Photo: Mbarrison's Flickr | CC2.0

5. See the sun rise over a beach and the sun set over a beach with a quick road trip

Sure, this one is more whimsical than practical, but it's easy to forget that only residents of certain idyllic islands get to see the sun set and rise over a beach. In Miami it's not quite so easy, but much easier than most places in the world. Just wake up early and hit our beaches before the sun rises. Then after that, you've got plenty of time to hit Alligator Alley or Tamiami Trail for a two-hour drive to a place like Marco Island or Naples to set up on their beaches for the sunset. If you're stressed out or simply need a bit of a break, it's a magical experience to plan a quick weekend trip around.

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