Dwyane Wade Settles Lawsuits But Will Continue to Battle Baron Nemesis

Miami Heat demigod Dwyane Wade's life got a bit simpler today when he settled a series of lawsuits with former business partners. The dollar amount of the settlement to the suits, which stem from a thwarted chain of restaurants and a charter school bearing his name, is confidential.

Wade, who is also embroiled in a divorce and a free agent this summer, said in a statement:

While my first instinct was to continue to fight in Court, I realized a reasonable settlement would allow me to move forward with other priorities. I have agreed to resolve all of the cases on terms which are very favorable to me and for a sum that is substantially less than ever demanded. As I have said all along, this summer I want to focus on my kids. I hope to be able to do that now and put this chapter behind me.

Not included in the settlement: His libel suit against former business partner and self-proclaimed noble Richard von Houtman. An amicable solution to that feud-- which has been rife with name-calling and ugly accusations-- looks less than likely.


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