Has Something To Say About Chris Brown, Too

Remember our old friend Tasha Cunningham? She started the locally run website that allows women to anonymously dish about men they've dated. New Times wrote about the site extensively back in 2006.

Well, DDHG wants some of this Chris Brown/Rihanna publicity too. The site just issued a press release touting itself as an effective tool to avoid domestic abuse:

"Every nine seconds, a woman in the U.S. is a victim of dating

violence. Since the arrest of singer Chris Brown in the alleged beating

of girlfriend Rihanna, the issue of dating violence is again in the

spotlight., a popular dating and relationship advice

portal, teaches women to avoid becoming victims and empowers them to

take control of their dating lives and make better decisions about the

guys they date."

We don't doubt DDHG's sincerity, but the whole idea of pimping out your wares by linking it to a sad story that so far is made up of more rumors than fact makes us a little queasy. Especially considering the site is the dating equivalent of


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