Dirty Type

Pompano Beach residents have the filthiest fucking mouths in the whole state of Florida. Well, maybe not mouths, but fingers. That's confirmed by Google Trends, a search tool that allows users to see which countries, states, and cities are typing in certain terms. And North Broward web users have been busy surfing for salaciousness.

Knowing what people are searching for tells you something about what's on their minds. Last month, attorneys for a Pensacola pornographer charged with obscenity cited Google Trends in their defense. Because locals search for orgy three times as often as apple pie, they argued, their client's website, CumOnHerFace.com, is protected under the Miller v. California Supreme Court case, which ruled obscenity is based on "community standards."

Google Trends compares how often different cities type various words into the Google search engine, according to a company spokesperson. Google takes a representative sample of searches and, based on recorded IP addresses, charts what people are looking for and where. The results are based on how often an area searches a term compared to the overall number of searches. Users can break searches down by time, subregion (cities), and language.


Google Trends

Riptide examined what Floridians have been searching for over the past 12 months.

The state capital has been searching election more often than anyone else. The rural area in and around Live Oak has been searching more for horse. And North Broward — which is represented on Google Trends as Pompano Beach — has been typing words that, not long ago, would get you a bar of soap in the mouth. The area has searched for gangbang and handjob more than any other place in Florida. Pompano is top five in the state searching for these words: dick, shit, fuck, bitch, slut, porn, whore, tits, naughty, cum, semen, cock, pussy, MILF, anal, blowjob, hardcore, swallow, dildo, creampie ... and Jesus.

Not all the perverts in Florida do their Internet searching in Pompano, though. Delray Beach is still number one for dirty Sanchez.

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