Did Rick Sanchez Edit His Own Wikipedia Entry to Downplay DUI Accident?

Ah, it's been too long since we've had some good ol'-fashioned Rick Sanchez-brand inanity.

On a hunch -- do we know our man or what? -- we checked the revision history of the Wikipedia page for Sanchez, the former WSVN-turned-CNN anchor who is currently unemployed after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" and implying that Jews control the media.

So this past February 7, a Wikipedia user named Rsanchez1381 changed the description of Sanchez's 1990 DUI accident, in which he struck a pedestrian outside Joe Robbie Stadium. The victim was paralyzed and died five years later. Sanchez's BAC was .15, above the legal limit.

Rsanchez1381 changed that Sanchez "struck Jeffrey Smuzinick, a pedestrian, who had just darted out of a van" to the account that Sanchez "struck Jeffrey Smuzinick, a pedestrian, who darted out in front of Sanchez's car," tacitly blaming Smuznick for the accident.

Rsanchez1381 also added that Sanchez was charged only with a "misdemeanor."

He moved the "Drunk Driving Incident" section lower in the entry. Still unsatisfied, Rsanchez1381 amplified Sanchez's historical importance a bit by changing the following passage:

His use of social networking tools to create a citizen-driven news program was recognized by the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and has generated mostly positive feedback.

To this:

Sanchez was recognized as a pioneer in the marriage of social networking and mainstream media by creating a citizen-driven news program and was recognized by the Newseum in Washington, D.C., and by the New York Times.

The edits were quickly erased by other users for having a "conflict of interest" and being overtly from a "point of view."

So why -- beside the obvious -- do we think Rsanchez1381 is actually Rick Sanchez himself? Well, Sanchez's personal email address is Rsanchez1381@[domain].com.

We know that because we were in frequent contact with Sanchez to write a profile about his comeback. He gave us amazing Rick-isms like this one (concerning his comments about Stewart): "Some days I wake up and I just want to find the highest mountain and scream: 'That's not me!'"

But the whole thing fell apart when his "people" -- Sanchez is now represented by Ronn Torrossian, frequent agitator for Israeli causes, which isn't heavy-handed at all -- took umbrage at our implication that Rick Sanchez himself might be the writer behind pro-comeback page Friends of Rick Sanchez.

We emailed Sanchez for a comment but have yet to hear back.

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