Did Channing Crowder Just Call Anne Frank a Ho?

Well, no, he didn't... we think. But the Miami Dolphins linebacker did somehow confuse the diary-writing Holocaust victim with deaf and blind author Helen Keller, which is a front-runner for this month's Most Ignorant Comment By an Athlete Award.

Crowder claimed he was spat on by Baltimore Ravens fullback Le'Ron McClain during Sunday's loss. The resulting post-game locker room tirade-- recreated here from accounts in the Sun-Sentinel and Washington Post -- started out traditional:

"That's some real ho shit, so if you talk to him tell him he's a ho. If he ever comes to Miami, he's got to see me."

Then took a turn for the bizarre when Crowder got on the topic of the game's referees:

"No, no, they say, 'Aaah.' Stevie Wonder and Anne Frank."

Posits a reporter: "Uh, what's that about Anne Frank?"

"Who's the blind girl? Helen Keller, then. I don't know who the fuck Anne Frank is. I'm mad right now. I'm not as swift as I usually am."

Ladies and gentleman, a University of Florida education at work...


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