Dentist Makes Vibrating Oral Sex Aid for Denture Wearers

A few years ago, Dr. Joe, a dentist from Palm Beach County, had a female patient with a special problem. Her upper and lower dentures rattled when she performed oral sex on her boyfriend. Dr. Joe suggested she simply take them out. But the woman was distraught. Her boyfriend, she said, didn't know she wore false teeth.

The ever-helpful doctor made her a soft night guard to fit discreetly over her false teeth. The patient and her unsuspecting love interest were thrilled with the results.

As time went by, though, Dr. Joe couldn't get that interaction out of his head. Why not mass-produce a sex toy, throwing in a little vibrating action? So he did. Dr. Joe says he and his wife have tested the product he christened his fellatio aid "Blowguard." Each of them has left the vibrating object in place for 30 minutes at a time, and their fillings and caps were intact.


vibrating oral sex aid

The swinger crowd, especially the geriatric subset, has embraced the product, Dr. Joe says. "This is a unique, revolutionary product."


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