Dem's Latest Charlie Crist Attack: Play That Weepy Music

The latest Anti-Crist ad from the Florida Democratic party is pretty damn effective, and you can thank whatever stock score they dug up for that.

It's that kind of music that plays in a period drama when a once proud girl from a Noble family falls on hard times and finally gives in to the sexual advances of the retched Count Tushensnagger in order to eat.

Or in a sci-fi space epic when the band of rag-tag heroes fails to defeat the evil Lord Starcrusher in his plan to enslave the proud alien Zizzerbot race.

Or in a sports movie where an alcoholic baseball player turns to steroids only to see his wife move out with their young son, and all his friends turn there bakes on him.

Yeah, it's the kind of score. Except, besides the dramatic musical accompaniment, the rest of the ad is all too real. 


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