Snooki's magical glasses return!
Snooki's magical glasses return!

Dances with Guidos: Snooki's Hair Whipping vs. The Situation's Fist Pumping

The gripping finale of Jersey Shore season two airs tomorrow, and with the crew heading back to the series' eponymous location for season three we'll have to say goodbye to our favorite guidos. So, obviously, we must treasure these last precious moments we have with them. Today let's remember what we love best about them with a video of Snooki whipping her hair, and an excerpt from Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's upcoming book.

>Here's our precious princess of poofdom Snooki dancing, like every sane person in America with ears, to Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair" (I'm not sure if my colleagues at Crossfade would agree, but obviously it's in the running for best song of the year).

I guess this is the "Whip my Poof" remix. Punchline!

In other Jersey Shore runoff, The Situation has a book coming out called "Here's the Situation." As the coverline puts it, the tome is "a guide to creeping on chicks, avoiding grenades, and getting in your GTL on the Jersey Shore."

Jezebel has a few excerpts, including this page explaining the mystical origin of fist pumping:

Dances with Guidos: Snooki's Hair Whipping vs. The Situation's Fist Pumping

Clearly, the Sitch's book is outdated, already. Didn't he get the memo? Fist pumping is out, hair whipping is out. Plan your dance floor moves accordingly.

[Jezebel: Exclusive: The Situation's New Book Is The Literary Equivalent Of An Ed Hardy Tee]

[Fashionista: Snooki Whips Her Poof. Watch It.]


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