Crist Suspends Michelle Spence-Jones, Again

Charlie Crist isn't even going to wait until Michelle Spence-Jones is sworn in again. He has already pulled the trigger on resuspension.

Miami city Commissioner Spence-Jones turned herself in on November 13 on charges that she siphoned $50,000 of county money to a family business. Crist swiftly suspended her, setting up Tuesday's special election to fill the vacant seat.

Spence-Jones, who wasn't technically outlawed from running, proved victorious despite statements from the gov that he'd suspend her again on re-election. Today he sent out an executive order re-suspending her once she is sworn in.

Sigh. At the end of all of this, it's going to cost taxpayers a whole lot more than the $50,000 Spence-Jones is accused of stealing.


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