Crist Cruising Competition, McCollum Favored Over Sink

The picture of the 2010 races aren't even in perfect focus yet, but that doesn't mean it's too early for a poll. Mason-Dixon unleashed their first poll post-Crist-for-Senate announcement, and things don't look too good for the Democrats. 

In the Senate race Charlie Crist (with a 49% favorable rating) crushes his primary competition Marco Rubio 53%-18% amongst likely primary voters. Kendrick Meek leads Dan Gelber on the Democrat side 26%-16%. 58% of Dems are undecided, reflecting both Candidate's low state-wide name recognition. 

In the general election, Crist leads Meek 55%-24%, and Gelber 57%-22%. The bad news for Gelber, is that even Democrats would go for Crist 41%-37%. Meek manages to win his parties' voters by about 8 points. 
On the Governor's side Republican Bill McCollum has an early lead over Democrat Alex Sink 40%-34%, though 26% remain undecided. If, for some reason, Jeb Bush entered the race he'd poll 50%, but Sink still holds tight to her 34%. 

Mason-Dixon also tested the name recognition of a few big city mayors. Miami Mayor Manny Diaz has favorable name recognition of about 16% of Floridians, while 6% have an unfavorable view. 57% have no idea who he is, though that's a lower number of people unfamiliar than any other Mayor mentioned. 65% of Floridians don't recognize the name of Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio for example. 


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