An unidentified South Florida man prepares for Fay, the storm that apparently overwhelmed state emergency officials, with grace and style.

Crist Asks For Federal Money After "Overwhelming" Fay

Notoriously non-fay Governor Charlie Crist has requested a disaster-area declaration (and the federal money that comes with it) to deal with the damage brought on by Tropical Storm Fay. The storm dumped almost two feet of rain on some parts of the state, but that's not a disaster; it's an embarrassing wetness problem at best. Florida should be able to manage this without begging Washington. We get these things every year, yet reportedly Fay threatened to overwhelm state emergency officials. Residents may have been apathetic about preparation, but our officials (who get paid) should be prepared as a Boy Scout.

Riptide's all about federal cheese. But it's a bit alarming John McCain's future butt boy screams like a tot in need of a Pamper after a light drizzle.


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