Crispin Porter Named US Ad Agency of the Year

Crispin Porter Named US Ad Agency of the Year

Crispin Porter + Bogusky's bizarre Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates ads may have left me and you and everyone we know confused as hell, but now the Miami-based infant terrible of the ad world has been named US Ad Agency of the Year by AdWeek. Not inspite of the Seinfeld ads, but because of them:

"The Gates-Seinfeld spots, though controversial, did catapult the Microsoft brand into the public consciousness. Love it or hate it, it touched a nerve and got people talking. And it is that buzz that has brought clients seeking a turbo boost -- particularly challenger brands -- to Crispin's door again and again."

The agency also got props for their work with Old Navy, VW, and their continued work for Burger King. Their trademark of weird provocation has taken hold, and in the near future when the minutes between your favorite show are filled exclusively with Dadaist experimentation heavily connected to brand awareness you'll have CP+B to blame/thank.


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