Cops See More Disturbances, Fewer Batteries in Park West

Cops See More Disturbances, Fewer Batteries in Park West
Courtesy of City of Miami Police

Park West, the city's after-hours district, is a place where glamour meets gutter. Women in high heels step out of Ferraris right  next to one-legged  panhandlers. In some ways, the hood is a symbol of everything that's messed up about class division and gentrification in this city. It's also -- somehow -- a fun place to party until daylight. All of which makes for a whole lot of crime.

Miami cops have tracked crime trends in the neighborhood and just released these four-year stats. There's good news and bad news. Clubbers are less likely to get beat up now than in 2006. Batteries decreased from 83 to 38 in the four-year span. Neighbors, however, are more likely to report disturbances, which jumped from 110 to 172. All of the crimes above are directly tied to nightclubs in Park West. (There are 1,144 total reported.)

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