Construction Worker Dies While Trapped in Cargo Container

A construction worker died this morning after being trapped inside a metal cargo container near the construction site of a mansion on Key Biscayne. Fire rescue units attempted to save the man, but by the time they were able to free him, an apparent combination of the heat and his injuries resulted in his death.

The man was inside the container, which was attached to a truck, shortly before noon today when construction materials fell on top of him. It's believed the materials were to be used for the construction of a three-story mansion at Harbor Drive and Harbor Lane on Key Biscayne.

Reports of what exactly the man was trapped under are mixed. CBS Miami claims it was timber, while WSVN believes that glass and scaffolding fell on top of him.

Rescue workers cut a hole in the side of the container to reach the man, but by the time they got to him, he had died.

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