Connie Mack Won't Take Senate Gig, But Clay Shaw Jr. Will

The Florida Political blogosphere has exploded with Mel Martinez Madness, and the main symptom is wildly wondering who will replace him. We already put in our two cents, but here's the latest updates. 

  • Charlie Crist further confirms he won't appoint himself, but will have someone picked out by the time the Senate returns from its August recess. Though he has no favored candidates yet. [PoliPulse]
  • Former Sen. Connie Mack says Crist asked him if he'd take the job, but he has no interest in it. He retired from the Senate once, so why go back? [Buzz]
  • Former Ft. Lauderdale are congressman Clay Shaw Jr. said he would be honored if he was asked. Yeah, I would too. Infact, if I was over 30 I'd make some hilarious joke post about it. Predictably points to the first over-30 columnist/blogger who does. [Buzz]
  • There's some idle speculation that Crist might appoint his former chief-of-staff George Lemieux. He can join Sen. Kaufman in the former Chief-of-staff's serving as place holders club. [SunSent]


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