Comcast Gets Lost in Translation

On Twitter this weekend I started seeing tons of "#amazonfail" tags. Apparently it was some sort of technoglitch that temporarily removed rankings from non-explicit books about homosexuals. A lot of people thought it was a purposeful move, and staged something of an online protest through the powerful means of twitter tags, before they found out it was an honest mistake.

Comcast might be in for a similar problem. Seems that when one Miami-area customer went to check out the rates for internet service on their site in English and then in Spanish he was presented with two different deals. English-speaking costumers could get 12 Mbps (megabits per second) service for $42.95 per month or 16 Mbps for $52.95, while Spanish-speaking customer were presented with an offer of $42.95 for 6 Mbps, or $52.95 for 8 Mbps.

Comcast promised to get to the bottom of it, but when Consumerist contacted representatives today, they were still waiting to hear back on an official explanation from higher-ups.

I've got Comcast service at home for what it's worth, and while I have an English-only deal it seems, sometimes I'm lucky to get the Spanish-only speeds.


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