City Commission to Name Spence-Jones Replacement

The Miami City Commission is expected to name a replacement for embattled commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones's District 5 seat tomorrow, according to the Miami Herald

Spence-Jones was re-elected in November just days before turning herself in on charges of funneling county money to a family-owned business. She was suspended by Governor Crist, ran in a special election earlier this month, won again, and was suspended again

Spence-Jones, who has not been convicted, is fighting an ACLU-assisted legal battle claiming Crist has undermined the will of District 5 voters, who knew about her arrest when they re-elected her. That battle will come to a head in a courtroom February 12

If Spence-Jones is successful, she would be able to reclaim her seat, making the replacement's reign short-lived. If not, the to-be-named commissioner would serve until November, when yet another special election would be held. 


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