Christmas Eve Last Minute Gift Idea

Bring some cafe cubano into the clutches of your friends who perpetually tote around Starbucks cups. The white-haired Cuban owner of Indian Hardware, 1227 Alton Road, Miami Beach, has been selling everything from keys to coffeemakers for 40 years. His dusty shelves are stocked with stove-top espresso makers for $14.95.

If you’re nice, he may shave off a few bucks. (Added bonus: he gives customers free sweet shots of Cuban coffee from a Thermos he stashes behind the cash register.) Swipe some extra sugar packets the next time you hit 7-Eleven, save a few empty coffee creamers they can sip from and pick up a package of Cafe Pilon.

You could get away with spending under $20. -- Janine Zeitlin

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