Charlie Crist Gives a Little Thought to Jim Morrison's Public Exposure

Forty years ago at the (soon to be demolished) Dinner Key Auditorium in Coconut Grove Jim Morrison, a man who became famous for his music when he wasn't busy be addicted to drugs and alcohol, allegedly attempted to masturbate on stage and got slapped with public exposure charges. 

He was sentenced to six months in jail, but appealed the conviction. He then moved to Paris in 1971, mixed up his heroin with his cocaine, and died of an overdose before the case proceeded. 

During his campaign, Charlie Crist promised Doors fans that he'd give some thought to pardoning Morrison. Today, The Fine Print reports that Crist will "give it a little thought." According to The Buzz, to win a pardon the measure would need the support of Crist and other cabinet members. 

Because really, during an economic downturn when half Crist and half the Cabinet's time already consumed by campaigning what they really need to do is give serious thought to whether or not some dead guy masturbated in Coconut Grove 40 years ago. 


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