Charles Barkley: Heat "Have the Worst Fans"

Charles Barkley took time out of his very busy schedule of criticizing the Miami Heat to switch it up a bit and criticize the Heat's fans. Oh, yeah, he went there.

Here's what Barkley had to say on ESPN 1000 Radio in Chicago yesterday:

"Yeah, they got the worst fans. No question. It's not even loud in there. You're at the game and you are like, 'Man, this place isn't even loud.' At least when you go to Chicago, it's loud in there, it's crazy down in Dallas, but it's not even loud in Miami's arena."

Mr. Barkley, you might want to read our recent missive, "Dear America: Stop Criticizing Miami Heat Fans," for our thoughts on this matter.

Though, we seem to remember, Mr. Barkley, that when TNT was here, it had to move its postgame show inside because there were too many unruly fans shouting,"Fuck you, Chuck!" Really, we don't think there's anything else to say but, "Fuck you, Chuck," in this matter.

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