Channing Crowder On The Saints: "Probably Smelling Themselves, Rubbing Each Other's Balls"

​The Dolphin's Joey Porter hasn't quite lived up to his trash talker potential this season, probably due to injury, but that's okay because it seems linebacker Channing Crowder is more than making up for it.

Hell, with this quote he might be  the trash talker MVP for the entire league.

Here he is on the undefeated New Orleans Saints:

"They're undefeated, they're probably smelling themselves, rubbing each other's balls, all that shit..."
Apparently, the linebacker gave the quote to Herald writer David J. Neal who promptly tweeted it. There'll be a "cleaned up version" of it in context (though we can't imagine in what context this would be any less ridiculous) in a story in tomorrow's Herald.

This is the same classy guy, as Productivity Decreaser points out, who couldn't find London on a map, and last week promised to "cuss" out GQ model and occasional Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

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Kyle Munzenrieder